Charting Her Own Course in Software with a Knack for Extreme Empathy

I caught up with Sushma Padmanabhan — a Senior Product Manager at Intuit — for profiling her trail-blazing career. A native of Mumbai, she explored the nine yards of finance for a decade — from stockbroking, banking, insurance to taxes, before moving to Bengaluru for opportunities in FinTech. In 2008, Sushma joined Intuit as a US Tax Analyst. More

All you have to do is ask

I talk to Rekha— a veteran Product leader based out of San Francisco about her journey into tech, transition into product management and mentoring women. More

5 Seats of Power

Sometimes, we all tend to feel like we don’t have permission to tell our colleagues what’s not working well. But three Saturdays ago, Apoorva and Partha from Quinnergy changed all that for me and a room full of people.More

My Jugaad Approach to Learn System Design Thinking

I love writing a startling heading. Jugaad is the gutsy art of overcoming harsh constraints to solve a problem using limited resources.– Harvard Business Review My constraints are a lack of a formal degree in Computer Science. My most limited resource is time. My problem is a bunch of unknown unknowns in software. I’ve been…More

Reality as a Matryoshka Doll

I’ve come to a grand conclusion that there is exactly one ongoing debate in the world. Don’t ask me what I’ve been smoking. This debate gets reframed to suit different contexts. The ebullient young students debate on “Determinism vs Free Will“. The mature social scientists and academics call it “Nature vs Nurture“. If neither rings…More