So you think you know about privacy?

Privacy is a complex topic. It’s a buzzword among tech reporters. A dead concept according to private investigator Steve Rambam. A bunch of PPTs skimmed off Google by Data Protection Officers. A double-edged sword for UI/UX designers. A myth in Indian homes. My biggest personal truth yet. Nothing can make you dig deep into the […]

How (the hell) to read non-fiction

In a recent tweet thread, it became clear there’s a growing camp of readers who never get to finish reading the book Thinking Fast and Slow. To borrow the words of Richard Thaler, “Buy it fast. Read it slowly. It will change the way you think.”. However, the above technique did nothing to change the […]

Unexpected Institutions of Higher Learning

When anyone talks to me about higher education, it takes me back to a time I was as clueless as a lost kitten. If you were a bit worried about getting into a college in Tamil Nadu, you would have certainly come across this career consultant called JP Gandhi.  Students and families would lap up […]

On Being Hopeful and Kind

Today morning, I was shocked to see my plants wilting and dying in my balcony. I used to water them regularly although I don’t stay hydrated myself. The endlessly scorching heat of the summer and the drought-hit city had created a perfect recipe for wiping out the greenery in my balcony. Imagine if these plants […]

An Opium Of The Modern Age

On 31st October 1517, a German Christian monk and academic did the unthinkable. He wanted to debate the Roman Catholic Church, the highest power of that time, on some of its practices. Being a meticulous professor, he made detailed notes on his radical propositions. He not only sent a letter of his theses to the […]