Speaking From The Heart

This interview series is aimed at established and emerging Product Management leaders from diverse backgrounds. Each post is a rendering of their professional lives through personal experiences, anecdotes, and inflection points that go beyond basic facts and events.

I write this for myself and to those who second guess about starting a career in product. Interested to share your story?

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Bridging Education, Employment and Equity With Technology

Susan Morrow, VP of Product Management for the Salesforce Education Cloud, discusses the ongoing pandemic’s effects on education, the system constraints, and innovative technologies that could reverse this trend.

From First Female Product Manager at Google to Advancing 1000s of Women in Tech

Nancy Wang shares sage advice on what helps talent have a shot at being in the C-Suite and how her non-profit helps more women advance their career in tech.

Evolving Microsoft’s Supply Chain Management

Kavita celebrates her 20th work anniversary at Microsoft looking back on her prodigious contribution, D&I under Satya Nadella’s leadership and shares her love for hiking.

Charting Her Own Course in Software with a Knack For Extreme Empathy

After a decade in several financial sectors in Mumbai, Sushma found a real belonging to software. She shares her journey into Product Management.

How This Military Veteran Switched Gears to Tech and Set Her Career on Autopilot

An abrupt end to her career in military was the start of Brittany’s journey into building software products. She credits her mother’s lessons on building relationships and her partner for being her rock.

How Core Values and Philosophies Guide her to Build Products for a Billion People

Kalpana shares her lessons on managing work and life, opportunities in the post-COVID world and the future of education.

The Tsunami Crashed Her Dreams. Now She’s Breaking The Glass Ceiling as a Tech Leader

Silvia opens up about her intensely unconventional career — first as a talent scout for the music industry and then a chief technology officer.

Nailing Product & Strategy: Inside the Incredible World of Jill Soley

Seeing her mom build a software company in the ’80s, Jill grew up to have the same passion to build, launch and scale products to a million users.

This Gutsy Woman is Not Afraid to Ask. Rekha’s Odyssey to Silicon Valley

Rekha Venkatakrishnan shows how mentorship coupled with executive sponsorship is vital to make big strides in tech.

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