My foray into Bohemian Coding’s Sketch App had its strange origin at making hyper-customised sales collateral for Freshdesk’s global enterprise customers. For the uninitiated, that’s like buying a Macbook Pro to solve linear equations. It’s not often you see product marketers learn using (abusing) a professional user interface design tool. Sketch is a powerful tool for a completely different job profile but that’s the incredible aspect of working in a startup— you get to explore many products, processes, and roles.

The versatility of Sketch made it our best bet to distribute latest versions of design templates for teams to iterate to perfection. So every marketer in the 25-odd product marketing team at Freshdesk was equipped with a license to Sketch’s desktop app.

Since then, I’ve been playing around with Sketch for what its actually meant for— product design— and continue enjoy doing so till date. It has taught me that if you truly enjoy something without any expectations from it, it’ll mount to something useful in the future.

Some cool swag from Facebook for designing an integration at work

Through fun design challenges from a site called Daily UI, I practised the design philosophies of Apple (iOS Design Themes) and Google (Google Material Design), which helped me define web and mobile user experiences at work.

This page has a small collection of product use cases beyond my regular work. Every element you see on these screens were made from the scratch using boolean operations and custom-made symbols in Sketch. (Thanks to Pablo Stanley’s amazing resources on YouTube) I’ve also generously used icons from thenounproject and flaticon.

Daily UI

You can check out the Twitter thread here.


Reimagined outdated UI of a password management app


Designed a module that prescribes intelligent actions for sales reps.

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