Vandana Guru

I’m Vandana Guru. My name literally means “Salutations to the teacher”. Well, I don’t teach anything yet outside of music, but I’ll be happy I lived up to my name if you learn something from my blog.

Professionally, I’m a Product Manager. Last 6 years, I’ve built several enterprise products in high-growth SaaS companies in India. I was recently nominated and featured on the list of Top 100 Product Managers along with a bunch of legends in the field curated by The Product Folks. I now live in the Bay Area.

My road to a career in tech was an adventurous one with speed bumps. It started with my eclectic reading habit in college. Credits to Peter Thiel, Ben Horowitz and later, Sheryl Sandberg for inspiring me with their writing.

Also a musician

I sing a bit on SoundCloud and just started a YouTube channel but often you’d find me humming in my room. I have been learning to sing Carnatic music from the school of Sangeetha Kalanidhi D.K Jayaraman and learning to play the violin from the school of Padma Shri A. Kanyakumari. I teach kids Carnatic music in a fun way during the weekends.

What about Observation Book?

The Observation Book is an ode to my rigorous student life. It helps to simulate the rigor and structure experienced in my student life although for more practical aspects such as career and life.

I profile technology leaders, write my two cents on product management, design, data and philosophy. I read and think more hours in a day than sleep. I’m pretty active on Twitter.

Like what I write?

Go on, follow my blog and make my day. 😊

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