Professionally, I’m a Product Manager

My foray into tech started with my eclectic reading habit in college. Credits to Peter Thiel, Ben Horowitz and later, Sheryl Sandberg. I have immense admiration for tech founders such as Sridhar Vembu and Girish Mathrubootham for creating great economic opportunity in South India and beyond. Most importantly, for helping me kick-start my career in tech.

Also a musician

I sing a bit on SoundCloud and just started a YouTube channel but often you’d find me humming in my room. I have been learning to sing Carnatic music from the school of Sangeetha Kalanidhi D.K Jayaraman and learning to play the violin from the school of Padma Shri A. Kanyakumari. I teach kids to sing Carnatic music during the weekends.

What about Observation Book?

The Observation Book is an ode to my rigorous student life. Here’s where I write my two cents on technology, business, music and other preoccupations. I interview women in product management.

I read and think more hours in a day than sleep. You can follow my reading list on Goodreads and Pocket. I’m pretty active on Twitter.

Like what I write?

Go on, follow my blog and make my day. 😊

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