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  • Why Telegram Rocks

    Why Telegram Rocks

    Find out why Telegram is a superior messaging app for privacy conscious people.

  • So you think you know about privacy?

    So you think you know about privacy?

    Privacy is a complex topic. It’s a buzzword among tech reporters. A dead concept according to private investigator Steve Rambam. A bunch of PPTs skimmed off Google by Data Protection Officers. A double-edged sword for UI/UX designers. A myth in Indian homes. My biggest personal truth yet. Nothing can make you dig deep into the […]

  • The Great Expectations on WhatsApp

    The Great Expectations on WhatsApp

    Here’s how WhatsApp could monetise the platform without jeopardising the user experience.

  • An Opium Of The Modern Age

    An Opium Of The Modern Age

    On 31st October 1517, a German Christian monk and academic did the unthinkable. He wanted to debate the Roman Catholic Church, the highest power of that time, on some of its practices. Being a meticulous professor, he made detailed notes on his radical propositions. He not only sent a letter of his theses to the […]