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  • On Dealing with Conflicts for Better Collaboration

    On Dealing with Conflicts for Better Collaboration

    I think I’m most qualified to talk about two things on my blog: Risk and Conflicts. In this post, I dive deep into the types of conflicts and how to tackle those for better collaboration.

  • Who is a novelist?

    A novelist, like every artist, is someone who is yet to make peace with herself. After all, the most striking works of art come from the most wretchedly discontent humans— those who chop their ears or die of poison. She is fully aware of the insanity in labouring for a world that’s invisible to others. […]

  • What Is Product Management?

    What Is Product Management?

    I’m going to try and answer different variations of this question and those that will inevitably follow upon introducing to your fellow colleagues. What do Product Managers do at work? I mean, I see them talk, blog and tweet a lot. Do Product Managers do marketing as well? I see far more Economics graduates of […]

  • 10 Favourite Reads from the New York Times

    10 Favourite Reads from the New York Times

    The Roman philosopher Seneca wasn’t talking of the New York Times when he said “Time discovers truth”. But, a lot of what I’ve been reading on the NYT over the years has helped me uncover the many truths of the world, find answers to questions I could never complete framing myself, and as one author […]

  • The Greatest Honour

    It’s funny that we never know when exactly we gained it but we can exactly pinpoint to what made someone else lose it. I’m not talking about fat. It’s about this precious thing called trust. Trust is as old as humanity itself starting from the barter system. Strangers simply trusted what they received is of […]

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