Communities, Cohorts and the Rise of Post University Career Launchpads

Born from the internet and for the internet, a new paradigm of professional education is opening up through cohort-based courses. I dive into what has led to its arrival and its advantages over traditional degree programs, on-demand MOOCs and YouTube education. Bonus: I’ve added links to some of the best CBCs for Software Engineering, Marketing, Product Management, Data Science, Design and Venture Capital.

Charting Her Own Course in Software with a Knack for Extreme Empathy

I caught up with Sushma Padmanabhan — a Senior Product Manager at Intuit — for profiling her trail-blazing career. A native of Mumbai, she explored the nine yards of finance for a decade — from stockbroking, banking, insurance to taxes, before moving to Bengaluru for opportunities in FinTech. In 2008, Sushma joined Intuit as a US Tax Analyst. More