(Also known as stuff I do with maniacal focus)

Editing Docs


Today, I complete reviewing documents of sixty friends and acquaintances from my school, college and workplace. Trust me, it has been a splendid crash course on the job market.

Had it not been for my obsessive compulsive disorder of arranging words into tidy SOPs, CVs, Résumés and LORs, I wouldn’t have known

what motivated a mechanical engineer to get into digital marketing
stuff that matters for Hardware Engineers
challenges that plague Supply Chain Managers
web technologies that Software Developers adopt
projects Financial Analysts go bald for
how NGOs pose severe threat to state sovereignty
career ladders and jungle gyms that people of diverse ages climb

and so on.

This is no milestone by any means; I wish to be useful to more people. While I would love to continue in this journey, a friend quite rightly pointed out I was giving away too much value— often at the cost of my sleep and family time. So I’ve finally decided to barter it for subscription plans.

Order subscription plans for me in exchange for improving your chances of getting hired, getting admits or impressing your boss. Seriously though, just be nice to me and gift me 🙂 As a friend once quipped “Gosh! This résumé makes me want to hire myself.”

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