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Here’s where I share my two cents on music, software, design, technology, business and a bunch of other pre-occupations.

I read and think more hours in a day than I sleep. You can follow my reading list on Goodreads and Pocket. I write like I speak. That’s probably why I’m pretty active on Twitter. Also, I wish to be able to nail satire like Manu Joseph and write with clarity like Morgan Housel some day.

I sing a bit on SoundCloud and YouTube, and help friends edit their SOPs and résumé in my spare time.

I have a rather strange relationship with art forms such as painting, singing and playing the violin. My whole journey in the arts can be summed up as steady philandering. To say the least, it has been quite liberating to rebel against most people’s cookie-cutter understanding of art.

Art has primarily been utilitarian to me in the sense that I take breaks from rigorous logical thinking or high-stress work by indulging in the arts. Much like what Einstein or Sherlock did except that I’m far away from their place in history. 🙂

I’ve come to identify this peculiar relationship with art as a means to cope with the daily rut of life. I wish to elaborate this soon in another blog post as I think I’m not alone in my struggle to find a place for myself.

If you’re interested to know more about what I value in life or want some help figuring out your own values, this post is for you.

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