Namaskaaram! Vanakkam! Thanks for stopping by this fancy domain. Heard my name already? Good good.

I’m a 20-something South Indian with avid interest in software, music, literature and art. I’ve always wanted to be in sectors that have the biggest agency to make a change. I believe this is in tech startups.

Through social entrepreneurship initiatives at my alma mater SSN, I saw firsthand how private capital can be leveraged to help communities. During my bachelors in chemical engineering, I realised data is the new oil. Since this freshly minted analogy, I’ve been committed to working with startups in many capacities.

I consider myself fortunate to have diverse work experiences across the startup landscape in Chennai from the lens of Founder of a non-profit student body Chemmit for under-privileged engineering graduates, Product Marketing Manager at Freshdesk (now Freshworks) and Associate Product Manager at Zoho.

I love connecting the dots. Personally, the skill to recognise patterns across geographies is the most important to me.

What’s in the name of this blog

The Observation Book is an ode to my rigorous student life. One where inordinate time was squandered on documenting mundane and complex science experiments. One where I got my engineering degree for free so I could afford to switch streams.

I read and think more hours in a day than sleep. You can follow my reading list on Goodreads and Pocket. I’m pretty active on Twitter. I also sing a bit on SoundCloud.

My idols

My foray into tech started with my eclectic reading habits in college. Credits to Peter Thiel, Ben Horowitz and later, Sheryl Sandberg. I have immense admiration for tech founders such as Sridhar Vembu and Girish Mathrubootham for creating great economic opportunity in South India and beyond. Most importantly, for helping me kickstart my career as someone who was an industry outsider.

Aishwarya, Sameer Goel, Kiran Darisi, Susa, Body, Anandaraman Krishnan, Praval Singh, Meera, and Kuppu have been great mentors and colleagues to me.

I wish to be able to nail satire like Manu Joseph and write with clarity like Morgan Housel some day.

Interpreting art

I have a rather strange relationship with art forms such as painting, singing and playing the violin. My whole journey in the arts can be summed up as steady philandering. To say the least, it has been quite liberating to rebel against most people’s cookie-cutter understanding of art.

If you’re interested to know more about what I value in life or want some help figuring out your own values, this post is for you.

Like what I write?

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