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Had that one teacher in school not told “You’ll do great in science stream” this blog would have beaten Silk Board Junction.

Exaggerations aside, boredom and paranoia that I might not make into any college after 12th standard, got me acting weird and so I had to get into a routine to stay sane.

(If you have stalked me on Linkedin, I flaunt some terrific grades, but, I was a walking meme before every result.)


I enrolled myself at Architect Solomon’s DVS’ Centre for Design and Delineation for a crash course that was supposed to help me crack NATA: National Aptitude Test in Architecture.

I used up the entire lump of money I had saved after 12th results, read: Overnight richness due to philanthropic relatives. Was it worth it?

Boy, I loved every minute of his class!

It was a discovery of real science and its application in ordinary things in life. Lizards. Shoe Stand. Newspaper. Map. Cupboard. Kites. Pencil box..look around and add words to this list.

My first task was to draw a table. I drew something that looked very pretty with all the (unwanted) shading effect like that extra dose of mascara you smear at the arcs of your eyelids. I got a 4/10.

DVS taught me the abc’s of perspectives and how to reason why things are the way they are. I did a lot of (100 is an underestimation) drawings of  plans-top view, front view and side view of a number of objects. Today I think the sole reason I loved Engineering Graphics and cruised through my First Semester at SSN was the foundation I had in drawing plans at DVS.

After a couple of exercises and 5 days into the coaching, DVS guessed the exact score, which I would finally get in the entrance test. 117/200 (Actually this is a good score) Humble brag: 9th rank in SAP ‘s (School of Architecture and Planning) rank list.

This was the last illustration I drew during the course with a scale after the ‘Scale is in the mind’ lecture from DVS. He amazed me with his philosophy!

Some of the interesting questions I had to imagine and draw during my time at DVS:

Imagine you are a 6 year old kid looking at a fish tank and a fish is looking at you. How do you appear to the Fish in the tank ?

(Serious scientific shit, how do I know how the fish sees me? Answer: Imagination)

Imagine you are 5 cms tall and standing on a kite suspended in the air and you are looking down at the traffic in the roads..(this one was one mind boggling challenge to even imagine)

For starters: Draw a busy train station. He gave a 5/10. -4 because it was too illogical to not have a door for S2 and S3 coaches and also -1 because the perspective looked like that of a very tall man. My lines look good DVS says. Yay!  First compliment (:

Imagine you are a frog (sometimes a rat) and you’re comfy in a paper boat placed in a bucket of water in a bathroom. What do you see from your line of sight?

For starters: Draw a busy market as busy as possible

Imagine you are a lizard on a shoe stand with..(mind boggling things)

Imagine you are a naughty kid inside a cupboard overlooking a drawing room.

(My answer/illustration I drew: Since the kid is looking at the drawing room and he’s naughty, he sees toys and a lot of things he’s strewn around the room and perhaps a furious mother walking towards him.)

One of the many mind boggling NATA questions: There are three identical vessels made of three different materials placed under the sun at noon. Mud, Straw and Steel. Draw them with light and shade effect.

(My answer/illustration I drew: The mud vessel being less reflective would only cast a shadow whereas the steel having more reflective index would be bright and have that white spot to indicate reflection. The straw would permit a lot of light through the material, also the placement of shadow is very important because the time has been specified.)

If you come home, you will see an entire file with different illustrations of different interesting questions that I have neither posted online nor do many know the secret behind why I could get perspectives right during my engineering days.

Why did I choose Engineering over Architecture, you may ask. Let me queue up another question for you.Those who know of my existence, see my flaws. Those who know me completely, know I’m insane. I am currently dabbling with Marketing after my B.tech in Chemical Engineering. I have confounded a lot of people with my decisions, mainly my parents because I haven’t yet opened up my motives to the them as much as I leave traces of it over social media.

And, the answers are stories for another day.

I never yearned to be a designer by profession, but I think today I can confidently play around with perspectives. My belief is, labels as an Engineer, a musician or an entrepreneur shouldn’t limit the world from appreciating other creative pursuits. I learnt a couple of things apart from drawing plans today after joining Freshdesk. I’m currently learning to create presentations and mockups. I am looking at learning AutoCad some time around July 2016. Any help is welcomed!

“The confidence that individuals have in their beliefs depends mostly on the quality of the story they can tell about what they see, even if they see little.”- Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

I believe this very short stint at DVS  will be of great use at some point in life.

Will end my ramble with another quote:

None of this had even a hope of any practical application in my life. But 10 years later, when we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac.

Tata to NATA Times it is.

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