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A feature we’d fancy in our lives

How often do you get to really love the product you’re building? And, how often do you yearn to write about it on a personal blog? Hey, this is a disclaimer. 

Sometimes life can get so hectic that we wish for a pause button to get out of the rut. As a considerable part of our lives is spent at work, it’s important we find ways to unwind and reassess situations. To some, it’s through a quick coffee break or, a game of foosball. My pause button takes the shape of the violin. But then, not everyone at work can afford to unwind at their whim. Especially, customer-facing jobs such as support, sales, and social media marketing. 

You: Wait, wait, wait. I thought marketers had all the fun. Ain’t social media marketing fun? 

It is fun as long as you stay in the know.

One of the important routines as a social media marketer is to find out what works well for your audience and what does not. You’ll have to come up with interesting tweets and statuses to keep your audience engaged.

Sounds like a walk in the park? Nope.

Say something nice at the right time, you’ll be showered with likes, RTs, and loyal fans. Say something nice at the wrong time, it’s no stretch to say you’ll have created history in branding disaster. The clever hashtags you thought a while ago as relevant and interesting could become passé in no time. Innocent little typos could have crept into all the posts you’ve scheduled. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot them before your audience does.

Of course, you can delete tweets with embarrassing typos or edit Facebook updates, but then the damage is truly never undone in the age of screenshots and photoshop. Take this well-intentioned tweet from a pub called Woodside Mumbai. It turned downright inappropriate overnight! Who would have expected the tweet to coincide with a fire accident on the same day?

There are also times when you’ll have an unusual ticket spike from social channels. If you use the same social handle for your brand’s social media marketing and customer service, it won’t set the right expectations for your audience. For instance, say you are facing a downtime in your service or, a situation where a lot of your customers are reaching out to your brand’s Facebook wall, LinkedIn page and Twitter handle. You could have scheduled interesting posts that’ll be highly irrelevant, or worst- insensitive at the time it goes live. How would you feel if a brand you follow on social media does not respond to the tweet you tagged them but you see a spate of market-y updates from the same handle? You see the problem?

If you run a social media marketing agency, you’ll have a fair share of problems coming even before the post goes live. 

Umm… we should add #FoodCarnivalTexas to all the posts. I think you should replace the image with the new ones that I mailed you…Do we really have to add a heart emoticon?

Despite agonizing over every little detail in the posts you’ve scheduled, you’ll have clients requesting you to make frequent edits. Edits that you have absolutely no time to make in every scheduled post.


These are typical situations when a real pause button is a life-saver to organizations and customer-facing roles. So this is how we’ve conjured our reverie into a real feature.


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