Something like fan fiction.

Peculiarities from L-R

“So mean!”

Adds an -ish to -s words

Gives a death stare at mokka jokes

The new hire who loves to interview all hires

Google  ponnu with the Tupperware lunch box

Like Raman effect, there’s one phenomenon: Prashanthini effect

Pun-daaram fellow

Cries like Inside out’s Sadness

“All right then!”

“Makes sense.”


“Vada P is insane. Chakra P is mad.”

“Hehehe. Will upload it in plex soon.”

“X is from Sastra. Y did her schooling in P.S. X and Y know each other on Twitter because I’m the connect :D”

*Facial Expressions*

Edit: All characters here are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to people living or dead, double check with ‘Body’ before complaining.





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