MRTS Drama Queen

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It’s been a  year since I stopped painting but I’ve sporadically kept going with sketches.  I am no Dave Walker to nail humour/satire in graphic art/doodles but I couldn’t shy away from being inspired. One teensy-weensy mistake like a spelling  error or a blind curve on an elaborate doodle like […]

Under the crow’s feet

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A year back, the deadly times when the monsoon played hide and seek with the villagers’ beliefs, nobody except Mahesh strongly believed this. That Thatha had morphed into a crow. Mind you, he isn’t like any other ordinary crow- the ones that strategically position themselves on tree tops only to […]

Tata to NATA Times

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Had that one teacher in school not told “You’ll do great in science stream” this blog would have beaten Silk Board Junction. Exaggerations aside, boredom and paranoia that I might not make into any college after 12th standard, got me acting weird and so I had to get into a […]


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Something like fan fiction. Peculiarities from L-R “So mean!” Adds an -ish to -s words Gives a death stare at mokka jokes The new hire who loves to interview all hires Google  ponnu with the Tupperware lunch box Like Raman effect, there’s one phenomenon: Prashanthini effect Pun-daaram fellow Cries like […]