Today morning, I was shocked to see my plants wilting and dying in my balcony. I used to water them regularly although I don’t stay hydrated myself. The endlessly scorching heat of the summer and the drought-hit city had created a perfect recipe for wiping out the greenery in my balcony.

Imagine if these plants were species who could talk like us. They’d probably be dissing me, holding me accountable for their deaths, and plotting to give back for my carelessness. They are unbiased to me by default, though.

In the midst of their desperate roots and the sun-baked earth, a new green leaf had sprouted. It was a sign of a life with hope. It was a sign that my plants had not given up on themselves although circumstances had pushed them to their limits.

If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars.
It may be in yon smoke concealed.
Your comrades chasen now the fliers and but for you possess the field.

The only thing that makes us different from plants and other creatures is our ability to weave stories. Our ability to communicate what we want others to think of us. It’s this same ability that makes us compromise on kindness. I’m no exception to this.

We get bitter at those who don’t behave the way we want them to. Our default nature is to place the blame on someone else for our misfortunes. Oh, we even blame the gods, bribe them and wish they’d do things in favor of us. We stoop to many levels of idiocy when things don’t go our way. But simply observing nature tells there’s so much more than this constant urge to be seen important in society.

Seeing my plants build themselves back to life with no support and appreciation from me makes me pity the times I’ve easily turned hopeless and skeptical. There’s so much nature can teach us. Simply observe how they live and let others live.

What do you think about this?

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